PAGESYNC - Paging for BlackBerry Phones

PageSync™ from USA Mobility

The urgency of paging with the power of your BlackBerry® or SMS phone.

PageSync lets your users carry one device, but enjoy the functionality of two. Best of all, you can retain your existing USA Mobility paging numbers.

PageSync lets you enjoy greater flexibility and convenience by receiving paging messages on your BlackBerry device or SMS-enabled phone.

Customizable alerts can distinguish pages from other incoming messages, reducing the likelihood that a critical page is mistaken for a more routine message. A special pop-up window displays messages and continues to alert until the message is acknowledged, just like with a pager. You can even reply to messages within the PageSync application.

PageSync makes your BlackBerry device work like two units in one with paging, data, and e-mail service on a single, compact device. Retain the familiar experience of paging and send messages the same way you send pages today.

Works on the same robust, reliable technology that already powers USA Mobility paging products. With PageSync, you can receive pages on your BlackBerry or SMS device and distinguish between critical pages and routine e-mail messages.

PageSync is carrier-agnostic and works with BlackBerry or SMS phones from any provider. If you are interested in learning more about BlackBerry smartphones, visit our Sprint or T-Mobile pages.