Payment and Billing options

Payment Options

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What options are available for paying my invoice?

USA Mobility offers you a variety of payment options for your account. Find different ways to make your payment or how to sign up for an ongoing electronic payment program below.

USA Mobility accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, as well as checks and money orders. Please note the processing time for each payment method and take this into account when making the payment.

Payment Option 1: By Computer

My Account is the faster, more convenient way to manage your wireless messaging account. You can enjoy the freedom of servicing your account at your own leisure. Access your account, statements, and make payments.

  • Make a one-time payment by credit card or check
  • Enroll in autopay by credit card or checking account


Payment Option 2: By Mail

Send a check or money order with the bottom portion of your bill to the address listed on the bottom, right-hand side of your invoice or fill-in the credit card information and make a one-time credit card payment.
Processing Time: 3-5 business days

Payments can be mailed to:
PO BOX 660324
DALLAS TX 75266-0324

* Please include your Account Number on your check or money order.


Payment Option 3: By Telephone

To pay by phone using a credit card or check, please call Customer Service. A nominal fee will be charged to your account for each check payment by phone.
Processing Time: 3-5 business days

Invoice Options

USA Mobility offers a variety of invoice formats and delivery methods to fit your needs. Choose the option that works best for you and your organization.


Invoice Delivery Options

Electronic Invoicing:

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USA Mobility’s electronic invoice program allows you to view your invoice online in a “ready to view” PDF format or download to import into your preferred application for multiple sorting options. If you do not currently use the Electronic Invoice option, we encourage you to visit My Account to try this valuable tool for managing your USA Mobility account. 


ELECTRONIC INVOICE Instructions and Example in Excel Format



Print/ US Mail:

USA Mobility also offers the option of having your summary or detail invoice printed and mailed to your billing address.


Invoice Format Options

USA Mobility offers 3 available invoice format options that are available as print statements and online PDF statements.  Please contact customer service for updating your preferred invoice format.

Portrait Invoice Format Sample
This option is the standard format when an account is created and is used by most customers.

Landscape Invoice FormaT SAmple
This option provides a summary of charges as the first page of the invoice and tends to be the preferred format when managing accounts with multiple contracts.

Summary Page Invoice Format SAmple
This option allows you to receive a summary of all invoice activity on a single page, which can be printed and mailed to your billing address and viewed in My Account by selecting the PDF icon.  To get invoice details, you may also choose to download your invoice into a data file format by selecting the Electronic Report icon*.

Need further assistance?
If you have additional questions regarding invoice options, CusTomer Service or access our Billing FAQs.