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The Wireless Communications Transfer Protocol (WCTP) is specifically aimed at creating an easy means of passing alphanumeric and binary messages to and from wireline systems and two-way capable wireless devices. A draft proposal was submitted to the Radio Paging Community, through the "Messaging Standards Committee", as means to foster industry input, co-operation, study, promotion and participation in its further expansion and growth as an open, non-proprietary standard.

The Messaging Standards Committee is a group of paging industry manufacturers and carriers focused on rapidly creating mutually agreeable standards to address emerging applications that can not be easily realized through the utilization of existing standards. The Committee accepted the draft proposal and established a WCTP drafting sub-committee to further enhance the protocol and release it in the form of this specification. The sub-committee is continuing its efforts to refine the features and capabilities of the protocol, and further feature richness will be introduced in future revisions. It is the intent of the drafting committee to provide the greatest degree of revision compatibility between releases as possible, so as to easily allow for the incorporation of new features and to provide a means for systems operating at different protocol revisions to communicate.

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Other Resources: (More WCTP Protocol)

Desktop Messaging Software by InfoRad:

An Example of a Simple WCTP Submit:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE wctp-Operation SYSTEM " ">
<wctp-Operation wctpVersion="wctp-dtd-v1r1">
     <wctp-Originator senderID="user@domain"/ >
      <wctp-Recipient recipientID="subscriberPIN "/>
      <wctp-Alphanumeric>Message text goes here.

NOTE: WCTP message submissions to one-way devices do not provide delivery confirmations.

SMTP to      SMTP = E-mail

Please note that USA Mobility Inc. has several messaging platforms. Only Nationwide and Universal Access subscribers can be sent a message using methods described on this page. All other platforms are obsolete or are not being supported with ongoing development. In addition, email to a 1-way pager requires subscriber registration. Should you experience problems sending web page messages or SMTP messages to a subscriber PIN or Pager Number please contact your USA representative for more information.

HTTP/Web Interface

How to post a message to a pager?

Instructions are listed below to Pass a PIN and MESSAGE to the executable:




    PIN: This is either a 10 or 7 digit number.
    MSSG: This is the text part of the message.
    Q1: Q1=1 will echo the message; Q1=0 will not.





    GW_PIN: This is either a 10 or 7 digit number or an alias name.
    MSSG: This is the text part of the message.


    resp_route: This is a value of "Pager" or "Email" indicating the type of address to route replies or delivery notifications to.
    resp_addr: This is the address to send replies and delivery notifications to.

    The following Optional Values require resp_route and resp_addr to be defined for the feature to work.
    confirm_receipt_str: This must be set to "confirm_page_delivery" if delivery notification is required.
    resp_a_string: This is the first custom response choice.
    resp_b_string: This is the second custom response choice.
    resp_c_string: This is the third custom response choice.
    resp_d_string: This is the forth custom response choice.
    resp_e_string: This is the fifth custom response choice.
    resp_f_string: This is the sixth custom response choice.

The HTTP 'GET' Method:

The HTTP 'Get' method is disabled. Disabling the GET METHOD on our servers acts as a spam filter for our customers.

    This will not work.

How do I customize the HTTP/Web Interface?

If you prefer a link for your website or e-mail message that points directly to the "Send A Page" and displays your Name, use this example: 
    (This is the only executable that will accept a GET method)

If you prefer have a button use the following example:

    <form action=" " method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="PIN" value="PagerID">
    <input type="hidden" name="NAME" value="Your Name">
    <input type="submit" value="PageMe">

--- The above information is not supported by Technical Support ---
TAP/Dial Up TAP: Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol.
• Most of the normal TAP servers are 1.8 compliant
• We recommend connecting at 33.6 or 28.8 for minimum modem train time(e-7-1)

DTMF/Telephone - You can use touch tones to input a numeric message that will display on the subscribers device.

Operator Dispatch:

• Some subscribers are on the Arch One Number Access platform which does include an option for Operator Dispatch.
• The number for Nationwide is: 1-800-946-4645
• The number for Universal Access alpha subscribers is: 1-800-250-6323
    Not all nationwide subscribers have operator dispatch enabled with their service.
Some subscribers have voicemail attached to their pin number, pager number or one number access. Like an answering machine, you can leave a message. The subscribers pager will beep with the code 8888, indicating that there is a voicemail waiting to be accessed.
SNPP or Simple Network Paging Protocol is not supported by USA Mobility for new development.
Multiple Recipients
Multiple recipients (up to 10) for a submitted message are available by SMTP and WCTP. For additional information –
see WCTP.