Questions about bill payment

Questions about charges on your bill


Q: When is my next bill due?
A: Based on our billing system your billing due date may vary from month to month. You can expect your next payment to be due within 3-5 days of your previous months due dates.

For example: If your previous Payment Due was February 18th, then your next Payment Due can be between March 12th-18th.

The same system applies for those customers on quarterly, semi-annual or annual billing.

Q: How can I make a payment?
A: USA Mobility offers a variety of payment options for your account. Please note the processing time for each payment method and take that into account when making the payment.

Payment Option 1: By Computer
My Account is the faster, more convenient way to manage your wireless messaging account. You can enjoy the freedom of servicing your account at your own leisure. Access your account, statements, and make payments.

Payment Option 2: By Mail
Send a check or money order with the bottom portion of your bill to the address listed on the bottom, right-hand side of your invoice or fill-in the credit card information and make a one-time credit card payment.
Processing Time: 3-5 business days

Payments can be mailed to:
PO BOX 660324
DALLAS TX 75266-0324

* Please include your Account Number on your check or money order.

Payment Option 3: By Telephone
To pay by phone using a credit card or check, please call Customer Service. A nominal fee will be charged to your account for each check payment by phone.
Processing Time: 3-5 business days

Q: How can I sign-up to have my payments automatically debited from my bank account or credit card?
A: To sign up for Autopay please login into My Account or call the number on your invoice.

Q: How long will it take for a payment to post to my account?

A: The amount of time it will take for a payment to post to your account will vary depending on your method of payment.

Payment Method Posting Time

  • Mailing a Check or Money Order 10-14 business days

Payment through customer care representative:

  • Credit Card or Check 3-5 business days

Pay by Phone, Automated Voice Service:

  • Credit Card 24 hours
  • My Account (Electronic Invoicing/Online Billing) Credit Card - immediate
  • Check - 3-5 business days


Q: What are overcalls on my 2-way device and how can I prevent them in the future?
A: An overcall received on your messaging device is any call that exceeds your current service plan's allotted call count. Depending on your service plan an overcall may range in price from $0.05 to $0.10 per message.

You can reduce the number of overcalls you are accumulating on your 2way device by making a few simple changes.

  • Adjust your service plan to better fit your messaging needs.
  • Use canned responses to reply to any incoming messages.
  • Avoid using the reply function and begin a new e-mail when sending a response. This will prevent the original message from being sent in your response, decreasing the character count of your message.

Q: Can I avoid overcall charges by turning off my wireless device?
A: When someone sends you a message, even if you do not receive it because your paging device is off, the call will count as a completed message.

Q: Why have my service charges increased?
A: Due to the rapid rise in operator costs, and in an effort to provide our customers with the best possible service, USA Mobility finds it necessary to periodically adjust its rates.

Q: How can I lower my monthly rates?
A: As a USA Mobility customer you have various options that can help reduce your monthly service charges. If you are a rental customer you have the option to purchase your rental unit at a discounted rate, eliminating the recurring rental charges on your invoice.

You also have the option to change the frequency of billing to quarterly, semi-annual, or annual to obtain a reduced rate. By changing your frequency of billing you will also eliminate the Monthly Processing Charge and reduce the hassle of making payments on your account. You can also sign-up for Auto Pay, which will automatically debit your credit card for payment of your wireless service.

Q: What are the miscellaneous charges on my invoice?

Unreturned Equipment Fee:
Charged to a customer for each piece of USA Mobility owned equipment that is not returned within 30 days of service termination. The fee charged for each unit would be equivalent to the established replacement value of that unit. If your account has been terminated for non-payment the Unreturned Equipment Fee will be charged to your account at time of cancellation.  To reverse this fee, you may return all devices and your account will be automatically credited upon receipt.

Federal Universal Service Charge:
This charge was created by the FCC to give rural libraries, hospitals, and schools the same access to telecommunication services as schools, hospitals and libraries in more populated areas. This charge may vary from quarter to quarter depending on the FCC and what they require all telecommunications companies to contribute. The Federal Universal charge is per pager.

*Resellers are excluded from this charge.

Regulatory Administrative Costs:
The Regulatory Administrative Cost Fee is a nominal fee we assess per unit to recover our costs of complying with various government mandates. The Regulatory Administrative Cost Fee is a charge assessed by USA Mobility and is not a tax or government-mandated charge.

Administrative Fee:
This is a recurring charge to help offset escalating costs associated with invoice production.  This fee also allows us the opportunity to continually improve our invoicing system, which includes an array of invoicing methods to meet each customer’s needs. Since the administrative fee is per invoice, customers can realize additional savings by changing to a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual bill plan.

Payphone Access Surcharge:
Depending on your service area 800#'s may be charged an additional charge per number due to a FCC ruling. The FCC ruling states that pay telephone companies have the right to compensate for all non-coin calls completed from payphones, including, but not limited to 800#'s and calling cards. This charge will appear as a separate recurring line item on your invoice. (800# Payphone Access Surcharge)