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Questions about Wireless Messaging

Questions about Voice Mail

Questions about Wireless Messaging Coverage

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Questions about Wireless Messaging

Q: Is there a character limit for messaging?
A: Yes, but the character limits may vary depending on the receiving paging device type and display capability, the messaging method used to page the device, and/or customizable settings within paging software/hardware such as an Alphamate. 

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with messaging?
A: Included with the service, each subscriber has a basic call allotment with the option to upgrade to a higher overcall plan. Depending on the service type of the device receiving, characters exceeding a certain number may be counted as multiple messages against your overcall plan. Please refer to Billing FAQs or contact Customer Service for additional information.

Q: Can I block or limit e-mail messages if I’m concerned about being charged for overages?
A: Yes, you may limit your overcall exposure by establishing parameters for how email messages are sent and displayed on your device. However, the body of the email cannot be reviewed when opting for these restrictions.

Q: If there’s a leading zero in my PIN number, does the zero have to be entered?
A: No, do not include the leading zero for sending numeric or word messaging.

Q: I am not able to send and/or receive messages using the website, e-mail or phone.
A: Most, but not all, subscribers are capable of utilizing all messaging options.  If you or your senders are experiencing messaging errors, please contact Customer Service.

Q: If my Two-way device is turned off or the battery is dead, will callers still be able to send messages?
A: All Two-way devices work on a ReFLEX network that will continue to resend your messages to your device for up to 96 hours. Therefore, by turning on your device, replacing the battery, or returning to your coverage area within 96 hours after the message was sent, you will receive the message to your wireless device.

Questions about Voice Mail

Q: What is Voice Mail and what packages do you offer?
A: Voice Mail is a service that functions similar to voice mail on your phone or an answering machine. Callers can dial your pager or device number and hear a short recorded greeting from you; they can then leave a voice message which you will be able to listen to by dialing your pager or device number and accessing your voice mail.

Voice Mail Plans
MP1 15 Messages, 72-Hour Storage, 60-Second Greeting
MP2 10 Messages, 24-Hour Storage, 45-Second Greeting
MP4 10 Messages, 12-Hour Storage, 30-Second Greeting

Q: How do I operate my Voice Mail?
A: Voice mail instructions can be viewed on this PDF.

Questions about Wireless Messaging Coverage

Q: If I move, can I continue my messaging service?
A: You can continue your USA Mobility service if you move, provided we have coverage in your area. To check our current coverage areas please visit our coverage locator on the Internet and choose the Coverage Map for your particular wireless device.

Q: Will my pager or device work everywhere within my coverage area?
A: Our messaging network is state-of-the-art and very reliable, but under certain circumstances, may not be able to receive messages. For example, you may be in an area unreachable by radio frequencies, such as in a basement, deep inside certain buildings or in a tunnel. Atmospheric conditions as well as your surrounding terrain may also effect reception.