Message Help - Sending a Message

How to address a message to:

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To address a message to a USA Mobility 2-way Word Device:

Simply use the 10-digit-phone number. In some 2-way devices, the address
is called a PIN.

If a non-USA Mobility device wants to send a message to you, your e-mail address is:

  • Your or your
  • Your or your
  • Your or your
  • Your 7digitPIN or 10digitphonenumber either or

To address a message to an Internet E-mail Address
Addressing a message to someone's e-mail is no different than the address you would use from your desktop computer. Simply enter the person's address into your 2-way device as an e-mail address.

To address a message to any Word, Advanced Word or 2-way Device:

Enter the address in your USA Mobility 2-way Device as an e-mail address.

In the paging industry, some devices have a PIN that is a distinct number different from the telephone number, and yet is part of the e-mail address. In these cases, you will need to ask the other person for his or her PIN before you can establish the e-mail address for their device.

Use the chart below to format the device if you do not know the e-mail address.

USA Mobility

1way =
2way =

1way =
2way =

1way =
1.5way/2way =

1way = 7digitPIN or 10digitphonenumber either 

2way = 7digitPIN or 10digitphonenumber either

If you cannot successfully get a message to a device, ask the other person to determine the e-mail address for his or her device.
For many carriers, the address is not easily known.

To address a message to any Text-enabled Cell Phone

USA Mobility has made it easy to send messages to text-enabled cell phones with our SMS service. Forget about memorizing all those different cellular e-mail addresses - with USA Mobility SMS service, you don’t need them!

Here's how it works:
From your USA Mobility 2-way pager, type in “SMS:” followed by the 10-digit cell phone number to send messages to any text-enabled cell phone. (NOTE: Do not add a space between the colon and the 10-digit cell phone number.)
Example: SMS:2145551212

From a text-enabled cell phone to a USA Mobility 2-way recipient with USA Mobility SMS service, users can address a text message from their cell phone and send it to the 10-digit 2-way pager number. No domain is required.
Example: 2145551111

NOTE: Using the cellular e-mail address to send text messages will continue to work.