Customer Care - Troubleshooting

Often, it's easy to figure out why you may be experiencing a problem with your paging device by checking a few simple areas. USA Mobility has developed a step-by-step troubleshooting guide to make it even easier.

Check Device

  • Turn the pager off, then on again.
  • Make sure battery is fresh and inserted correctly.
  • Check the battery level. (Is it installed properly or too weak to alert the pager?)
  • Ensure the pager is free of physical or water damage.
  • Make sure that your unit is in Full Service. If you pager is currently in “Receive Only ” or “Storing Mode” you will not be able to receive messages.
  • Send yourself a test page by device type from our Send A Message page.

If your PIN or pager number WAS NOT recognized, your device may not be properly registered in our system.

Contact Customer Care.

If your test page was sent, wait 120 seconds for it to reach your device. If you received your test message, then your device is working properly. If NOT received, then continue below.

USA map
Check Coverage
Verify coverage is available in the zip code(s) you receive pages.
Press "BACK" button after submitting each zip code.

Check our Coverage Maps to view your primary coverage area.

If you use other services such as OmniRoam, be sure you have moved your coverage to your current location.

Once you have completed the above mentioned trouble shooting techniques attempt to send yourself another test message. If you continue to have difficulty with your unit please contact a customer care representative by dialing the Customer Service number listed on your invoice.

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