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BlackBerry Curve

The BlackBerry Curve, powered by Sprint PCS puts the power to connect to anyone at your fingertips. Work productively & stay connected socially all with one device.

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Samsung Instinct 

Samsung Instinct with touch screen offers a sleek and enjoyable phone to keep connected socially and professionally with easy access to the web and e-mail.

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Compass Sierra 402

Access your company's network and databases, send and receive
e-mails with attachments and surf the Web
from anywhere.

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2-Way Guides

Below are estimated times for downloads for a file size of 1000K (= 1 MB). All times are calculated estimates and the actual download time may vary. To obtain the download time for any file, multiply the size of the file in MB by the estimated times for your type of connection.

14.4K modem approx. 13 minutes 64K ISDN approx. 3 minutes
28.8K modem approx. 8 minutes 128K ISDN approx. 15.1 seconds
33.6K modem approx. 6.5 minutes 640K DSL approx. 15.1 seconds
56K modem approx. 4.5 minutes T1 approx. 7.2 seconds

Two-way Messaging Devices

User Guide Printing Instructions
1) Save PDF file to your hard drive.
2) Open the PDF and choose, File > Print.
3) From the Print Dialog window, click on the PROPERTIES button.
4) From the Properties window, under the LAYOUT tab, in the in the "Pages Per Sheet" field, choose "4".
Click "OK" and "OK.

Motorola Talkabout T900
File size: 553 KB
quick start guide

Unication M90
File size: 227 KB

Motorola Timeport P935
File size: 828 KB

Motorola Timeport PF1500
File size: 448 KB

Percomm E80
File size: 798 KB
Quick start guide

Unication P900
File size: 549 KB
quick start guide

A Kilobyte (KB) is 1,024 bytes (or 8 bits) , but it is often used loosely as a synonym for 1,000 bytes. A Megabyte (MB) is 2 to the 20th power (1,048,576 bytes or approximately 1 million) and a gigabyte is 2 to the 30th power (1,073,741,824 bytes or approximately 1 billion).

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