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Paging remains at the core of critical mobile communications

USA Mobility is the largest single provider of wireless paging solutions for America's hospitals and medical facilities.

USA Mobility has long been the industry leader in wireless messaging products and services. Not only does USA Mobility have intimate knowledge of the critical communication needs of organizations like yours, but we also recognize what it takes to be a top-notch vendor to you and your staff. We can help you leverage your existing paging investments for even greater functionality and clinical efficiency.


  • Serves over 54% of U.S. hospitals with 200+ beds.
  • Serves 16 of the 18 nation's "Best Hospitals" as recognized by U.S. News& World Report.
  • Interconnects caregivers to every wireless-enabled device - including pagers, Smartphones, tablets,
    and more.


One way that USA Mobility customers have learned to be more productive is by migrating portions of their staff to alphanumeric (full-text) pagers. Being able to page users with specific information and instructions creates opportunities for new, more effective applications of their messaging system.

USA Mobility also has various group paging options available, including group capcodes and Multi-Messenger Groups. Multi-Messenger Groups can even contain a mixture of pager, cell phone, and e-mail addresses. It's never been easier to get critical messages out to your staff.

Whether your facility is looking for the most basic form of rock-solid paging, or its looking to outfit the entire facility with a new communications infrastructure, or anything in between, USA Mobility can help get you there.

Here are some of the things customers continue to say about USA Mobility.

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