iLand™ Paging Systems

The iLand Paging System is a campus-based messaging system that combines the speed of an in-house network with the broad coverage of a wide area system — all without the need for substantial equipment installation.

Not only does the private 2-way Paging System network deliver code-ready messaging speeds for devices within the hospital campus, but these same devices are capable of roaming on USA Mobility's wide area network.

The iLand 2-way Paging System provides the best of both paging worlds in a single, comprehensive, provider-hosted messaging system.

How the iLand Paging System Works:
First and foremost, the iLand Paging System is a private messaging network. Its dedicated performance provides fast, reliable communication for your staff.

Unlike in-house paging systems of the past, there is no longer a need to issue a second device for personnel who need to be contacted while away from the facility.


  • Cost-effective communication
  • In-house speed and reliability
  • Wide area roaming
  • Provider-hosted solution
  • Message delivery/read receipts


While within the coverage area of the iLand 2-way Paging System network, devices send and receive messages with the code-ready speeds and dependability only private messaging systems can provide. 

If one of the devices should leave the campus coverage area, the system hands that device off to the wide-area paging network for uninterrupted service. 

The assured message delivery functionality inherent to USA Mobility’s ReFLEX network assures the hospital and the user that no messages will be dropped during the transition.

This ability to roam on USA Mobility’s wide area network is what sets the iLand 2-way Paging System apart.

Easy, Maintenance-Free Deployment:
The iLand 2-way Paging System input, process, and output control infrastructure is located within the USA Mobility Technology Operations Center (TOC) in Plano, Texas. 

Minimal on-premises equipment means a faster time to deployment and a more secure platform. 

Because the iLand 2-way Paging System is a provider-hosted solution, it is free of the maintenance concerns normally associated with an in-house paging system.

The Value of 2-Way Paging:
2-way paging provides a much needed feedback loop for critical response communications, such as code alerts.  Unlike 1-way alphanumeric pagers, 2-way devices provide a way for recipients to respond with acknowledgements, requests for clarification, or notifications that they are unable to comply. 

2-way paging also provides for message delivery and read receipts.  Hospitals can now have a beginning-to-end record of all their critical messaging.

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