Whether it is Wireless Messaging, Mobile e-mail, Sprint or T-Mobile, USA Mobility is the One Source for Wireless for healthcare, first responders, government, large enterprise, and small businesses.



Choose Wireless Messaging for affordable, reliable and survivable wide area and campus-based coverage for 2-way, alpha and numeric messaging.

2-way messaging | Word messaging | numeric messaging

ReadyCall Pager


End waiting room congestion and give patients the freedom to roam throughout your facility, its grounds or surrounding area with ReadyCall Pagers.

Mobile Connect

AMC Select

With Mobile Connect you use your USA Mobility pager number to send messages to a smartphone through a secure method.

Campus-based Messaging

iLand pagers

iLand Paging Systems are campus based messaging systems that combines the speed of an in-house network with the broad coverage of a wide area system. With iLand your facility receives code-ready messaging speeds and the ability to roam on USA Mobility's wide area network.

Premium Paging Services

wireless devices

With Premium Paging Services your paging device become even more useful. With My Alias, Message Forward, Message Carbon Copy, and Multi-Messenger you have to the power to expand your paging communications.


Amcom Software



Amcom Software's unified communications technologies include solutions for contact centers, emergency management, mobile event notification, and smartphone/tablet messaging.

Cellular / Smartphones

Cellular Smartphones

Our Wireless Phones and Smartphones from Sprint and
T-Mobile are the leading wireless business solution that keeps mobile professionals connected and productive while on the go.


Emergency Notification

Notify At Once

Send the same alert notification to all your personnel at the same time. With Notify@Once you intiate a single message that is sent to all devices.