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With two-way messaging, you are always in touch. Send and receive wireless messages, e-mails, trouble tickets or automated system alerts. You can also manage addresses, calendars and much more.
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Word messaging from USA Mobility offers you more than just a number — you can get text messages, e-mails and alerts sent right to your word messaging device.
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It's easy, proven and economical — with numeric messaging from USA Mobility, you are always in reach.

Wireless Messaging

Paging continues to be a critical part of the communications strategy for companies and organizations of all types. Paging technology has proven to be both a highly reliable and a cost-effective method of communications for business. Whether you need traditional paging or more sophisticated 2way messaging, USA Mobility can be your One Source for Wireless providing messaging solutions that you can depend on – for when the message matters!

  • IT/MIS
  • Field service
  • Health care
  • Homeland Security
  • Public Safety
  • Sales Forces

Messaging Solutions for Emergency Response Groups

Within an organization, multiple wireless technologies are often deployed to meet the unique needs of different types of mobile workers. For mission-critical responders, reliability is paramount. Learn why USA Mobility’s text messaging products keeps of these important workgroups connected.

Paging Reliability

Many mobile workers look to wireless technologies to increase their productivity. For others, mobile access is critical to their mission. For these mobile workers, the superior reliability of USA Mobility’s wireless messaging network gives them the confidence that their messages will get through. Learn more about the differences between paging and other types of wireless networks and why it matters to your organization.

  • Superior In-Building Coverage
  • Assured Message Delivery
  • The Coverage Advantage
  • Maximum Availability

Premium Paging Services

Get more out of your pager. 

USA Mobility’s Premium Paging Services make your paging device even more useful by helping you and your organization communicate better.

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MyAlias™ - Because you’re a name, not a number

Do your contacts frequently reach you by sending e-mail to your text or two-way paging device?  MyAlias lets you create a custom name for your pager, so instead of sending a message to 2145551234@usamobility.net, your customers and prospects can reach you at john.doe@usamobility.net.

Message CC:™ - Keeps you in the loop

Designate an additional e-mail address to receive a copy of each message sent to your pager. This address can be an e-mail account, a cell phone, a PDA, or any other addressable device. Have your messages forwarded to an alternate address to maintain a comprehensive backup of your pages, or copy your messages to another device when you know you will be traveling outside USA Mobility’s coverage area.

Multi-Messenger™ Group Paging - Brings everyone together

Does your organization frequently need to deliver the same message to a group of responders all at the same time? With Multi-Messenger, you can initiate a single message and have it delivered to a pre-determined group you select. Best of all, your groups can include users of any addressable device. Whether your recipients use pagers, cell phones, e-mail or even PDAs, you can reach your group easily and reliably.

CellText Messaging™ - Bridging the gaps

When your organization uses a variety of communication devices, CellText Messaging helps your entire team communicate better. Your two-way device users can easily send and receive SMS messages directly to and from any SMS-equipped phone.  Simply address messages to SMS: plus the 10-digit phone number (SMS: 2145551234). CellText Messaging provides an easy solution to let all your users stay in touch at a lower cost than deploying additional cell phones.

Premium Paging Services from USA Mobility provide exceptional value at a low monthly rate, and are also available in feature packages at significantly discounted rates.

To add these services to your paging account, contact USA Mobility at 1-866-433-8726, or use our convenient My Account feature.

ReadyCall Waiting Area Pagers
ReadyCall Pager

ReadyCall Waiting Area Pagers

ReadyCall pagers use USA Mobility’s existing wide-area paging network, so patients are free to roam throughout the facility, its grounds and the surrounding area.

Your staff will experience greater productivity when they spend less time managing waiting areas, and more time attending to the immediate needs of the patients.