Offered exclusively by USA Mobility, Notify@Once allows you to send the same alert to all your personnel, to ALL of their devices at the same time, by initiating a single message.

Notify@Once is a powerful and flexible communication tool that integrates the different types of mobile and desktop communications deployed throughout your organization. This dramatically improves the reliability of your important mobile communications.

Federal, State and local governments, as well as businesses of all sizes, rely upon Notify@Once.

Whether for Public Safety use or time-critical business communications, Notify@Once can improve the response time of your organization when it matters most!

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The combination of reliability and low-cost makes Notify@Once a very flexible solution. Notify@Once can be easily deployed to fill an existing critical communication need or as a low-cost back up to an existing system. Notify@Once is scalable as well, with uses ranging from small response teams to managing important messages across a large organization.

Mobile Send
Group messages can be sent from any mobile subscriber device, equipping personnel in the field with a powerful, direct line of communication to the organization.

Notify@Once interconnects all mobile devices & pagers, cell phones, PDA's and desktop e-mail into a single network allowing the reliable delivery of critical messages across all personnel, regardless of the type of device carried.

Simultaneous Send
Notify@Once sends important messages to ALL devices carried by an individual, maximizing the delivery regardless of which device is being used.

Unlimited Group Messaging
Organize groups of 10's, 100's or 1000's depending on the needs of the organization.

Hosted Solution
Hosted on a carrier class, global platform, Notify@Once serves as critical back up to your existing communications infrastructure in cases of emergency or outage.

No Capital Expense
Notify@Once requires no additional hardware or maintenance fees.

Message Archiving
Offering message tracking, reporting and archiving.

What is Notify@Once?


What It Is?
Notify@Once is a Web and mobile-based short messaging network enabling creation and delivery of short messages.

How It Works?
Notify@Once interconnects all mobile devices - pagers, cell phones, PDA's and desktop
e-mail into a single, carrier-class network.

What It Does?
Notify@Once sends important messages to receiver "groups" of all sizes to ALL their mobile devices and e-mail simultaneously.

Why Notify@Once?
With the increase in wireless devices in use throughout government and corporate enterprises today, two communication problems persist. The first is interoperability, or finding a way to quickly communicate across the many different wireless device types and protocols. The second is the need for redundancy because of the danger that the emergency situation can impair the communication channel itself. Notify@Once solves both of these issues.

Offering ease of database management and ease of use, Notify@Once removes the barriers that often limit adoption and limit the frequency of use. Notify@Once equips your organization with rapid, reliable means of communicating with large groups by offering your organization:

Send the same alert to all personnel, to ALL of their devices, by initiating a single message.

Interconnects different organizations and various device types into one network.

Send from either a Web site or a mobile wireless device.

Hosted solution protects you in case your network goes down.

Web-based tool requires no investment in systems or support.

The end result is a faster, more responsive organization. Whether for government or business use, rapid response makes all the difference no matter how you measure success.

Notify@Once allows you to easily manage groups of mobile users so that you can target the delivery of important messages to the appropriate groups of personnel.