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people connectedNotify@Once is a messaging solution developed to meet the rigorous communication demands of the public sector and Homeland Security agencies, where alerts and messages must get through to specified groups of personnel.

When you need to reach your team and time is of the essence, Notify@Once gives you the ability to send the same alert or update to groups, regardless of device, by initiating a single message.

Notify@Once is device agnostic and maximizes existing communication systems by linking together all PC's and wireless devices, such as numeric and word pagers, wireless phones, PDA's, laptops, desktops and 2-way pagers - into one, powerful communication network This enables you to deliver important messages with high reliability, reducing response time and decreasing the costs associated with outages or other critical situations. Notify@Once serves as a redundant data communications network in the event that your core messaging systems go down. As a reliable, hosted solution, there are no up-front or capital expenses associated with this product.

Many of our customers have adopted Notify@Once in response to a communication failure during a crisis situation. For you, Notify@Once can be an inexpensive way to implement a proactive solution that will be in place when your next critical situation hits.

Notify@Once Advantages:

  • Quick delivery of text messages to pagers, cellular phones, or any device that is e-mail or SMS capable.
  • Customize contact lists for individuals or groups.
  • Send group messages directly from your wireless device (2-way pager, cellular phone, Blackberry etc.)

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2-way messaging is USA Mobility's most advanced wireless messaging service.
With 2-way messaging, you can send and receive wireless messages, e-mails, access Internet information right from your device, manage addresses and calendars, and much more. Plus, you can send messages to other 2-way, 1-way word and numeric messaging devices.

Choose from four nationwide messaging plans, providing coverage where you live and travel most - in virtually all of the nation's largest 1,000 cities, including Alaska and Hawaii.

2-way messaging service provides full 2-way messaging capabilities such as:

  • Interactive peer-to-peer messaging
  • Wireless e-mail applications
  • Web scraping and Internet querying ability
  • Scheduler, notepad, to do functions
  • Information services
  • Unsurpassed 2-way national coverage

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Word Messaging
Word messaging from USA Mobility offers you more than just a number - you can get written messages sent right to your alphanumeric pager. Whether you need access to office information, or just a quick way to get information to the field, word messaging gives you full text capability, and in many cases, eliminates the need for return phone calls. Plus, messages may be sent using a number of different methods, including USA Mobility's Web site. Coverage is available from local to nationwide. learn more

Numeric Messaging
With numeric messaging from USA Mobility, numeric messages or codes, up to 20 digits in length may be sent with a simple phone call. It's easy, convenient and economical. It's the perfect solution when all you need to stay in touch is a phone number. Coverage is available from local to nationwide. Learn more

Mobile Connect Powered by Amcom

With Mobile Connect your organization can send messages to USA Mobility pager numbers and have them go the recipient's smartphone. Smartphone users simply download an app to connect to the software, which is hosted and maintained by USA Mobility Wireless. There is no change in how organizations send messages.

With Mobile Connect, you have a secure method of meeting the needs of starfgf who want to use smartphones as a and not have to carry multiple devices.

Key features and benefits:
  • Works on cellular and Wi-Fi networks
  • Remote device wipe
  • Automatic message delivery receipts
  • Spports iPhone®, Android ®, and BlackBerry® devices
  • Separate inbox on smartphone keeps critical messges away from personal one
  • Encypted messages protect sensitive information
  • Included on your USA Mobility statement

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iLand Messaging Center

The iLand Messaging Center leverages existing communications investments to promote accountability across your entire communications platform - all while retaining critical response processes. Operators can process tasks such as send amessage, view user directory, pager blocking, auto-reply and forwarding from the console. The iLand Messaging Center solution empowers operators to process calls and pages quickly and accurately, providing callers with a higher level of customer service.

Key features and benefits:
  • Pager Management and Administration
  • Message Logs - Message content, date & time, sender & recipient, plus delivery & read receipts for 2-way messaging
  • Create and manage messaging groups
  • Enhanced Paging Services - Pager forwarding, auto-reply, time-block, my status, copy all
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • User-Specific Security Levels
  • User Directory and Messaging
  • Capability to integrate with existing systems & processes

To learn more about how iLand can improve your communicaitons platform please contact:

Justin Collins
(800) 611-8488 ext. 6882
Fax (866) 432-5508


BlackBerry service is a wireless e-mail solution designed specifically for agency environments, featuring end-to-end security for agency e-mail at all points between the desktop PC and the BlackBerry handheld.

BlackBerry infrastructure provides secure e-mail transport between your organization's network and the BlackBerry wireless handheld using triple data encryption standard (DES) encryption technology. This means that the e-mail delivered to a handheld is as secure as messages delivered to a PC on an agency's network.

Secure multipurpose Internet mail extensions (S/MIME) offers an additional layer of security between the sender and the recipient of an e-mail message. S/MIME technology enables end-to-end authentication and confidentiality and protects data integrity from the time the originator sends the message over the BlackBerry wireless network.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution combines:

  • BlackBerry Exchange Server and maintenance
  • Client licenses and maintenance
  • RIM manufactured handheld
  • Data transmission utilizing any Nextel network

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