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ST902 Two-way Pager

With the ST902 two-way pager you can receive and send messages from any location.

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Titan3 Plus Alpha Pager

The T3 Plus alpha pager let's you receive full text messages on your pager for instant notification.

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ST800 Plus Numeric Pager

The most cost-effective way to stay in touch in any environment.

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Systems Solutions offers customized, integrated wireless communications solutions that ensure fast delivery of accurate information and reduced response time.

Providing the integration of paging, cellular and networked devices for the Healthcare, Government, Hospitality, Manufacturing and other industries. Whether you want to integrate your current system or deploy a ready to use application, we'll help make you more productive and your business more profitable.
Healthcare Overview | Government Overview | Industry Services Overview
Healthcare Overview
Providing quality and effective services in today's healthcare environment can be challenging task. To swiftly contact key people, share vital information or receive code blue alerts no matter where you are, a quick and accurate response is critical.

The methods your employees use to communicate are as diverse as the people themselves. USA Mobility's customized solutions connect your operations to the wireless world - whether your business operates inside of a building or across a campus - so your staff can work more effectively and provide a higher level of service to your patients.

USA Mobility's solutions are fully scalable and seamlessly integrate with your existing communications infrastructure: Enterprise Network, Internet, E-mail and PBX systems. We provide you with flexible "universal connectivity" to the world of wireless enabled devices - including Advanced 2-way Messaging devices, Pagers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Pocket PCs and more - regardless of the service provider or manufacturer.

  • Reduce errors in creating and delivering messages with critical customer and employee data.
  • Increase your speed and accuracy in locating and directing employees or patients.
  • Maximize accessibility of your communication systems with group messaging, delivering to multiple devices and using a common alias address scheme for your entire organization, even if the devices change.
  • Maximize accountability and oversight with a full suite of administrative features, which allow you to archive, track and report on messaging activity.
  • Reduce costs by integrating wireless elements into your existing communications infrastructure.

Government Overview

USA Mobility recognizes you need to maintain reliable, constant communications with all agencies, divisions and departments. Your communication system is of critical importance when challenged with taking care of your citizens. You need cost-effective, advanced technology to connect with your communities, streamline administration and reduce costs.

USA Mobility's advanced communications and mobile data applications are designed to keep your teams connected to the people and the information they need to do their jobs. We offer unique solutions to unify communications for all departments, critical teams or emergency response teams to help you effectively manage your municipality or government office.

  • Messages, updates and notices can be sent to thousands of different devices via hundreds of different wireless service providers, thereby enhancing the productivity of your field/mobile workforce.
  • High-speed messaging for emergency/life threatening situations and coordinating joint response efforts.
  • Improve the safety of your officers and the public by generating automatic alerts and calls for backup.
  • By unifying all wireless communication into a single system, you can give immediate and simultaneous contact among supervisors, squads and mobile units, regardless of agency or jurisdiction.
  • Support for multiple messaging applications like group paging, pre-programmed messages, on-call groups, scheduled messages and repeating messages which can be sent directly to the appropriate responding agency or workgroup, simplifying and reducing the cost of communications.
  • Streamline and accelerate your operations by sending messages with more information to numerous agencies and departments.

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Industry solutions

With our “One Source For Wireless” solutions giving you confidence that critical messages are delivered quickly and accurately!

Integration of multiple vendor communications systems, such as paging systems, wireless telephone systems, voice-recognition systems, paging service providers, cellular service providers, location-based (asset tracking) services and e-mail systems into a single, powerful and unified communications system across your entire enterprise using one of our wireless solutions will increase security, profits and efficiency of your employees.

USA Mobility uses a consultative approach in helping you determine the right wireless solutions roadmap for your business communication needs. Whether you want to integrate your current system or deploy a plug-and-play application, we'll help make you, your organization, your workforce more productive and your business more profitable.


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