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ST902 Two-way Pager

With the ST902 two-way pager you can receive and send messages from any location.

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Titan3 Plus Alpha Pager

The T3 Plus alpha pager let's you receive full text messages on your pager for instant notification.

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ST800 Plus Numeric Pager

The most cost-effective way to stay in touch in any environment.

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Mobile workforce teams require a wireless communications tool that meets their specific needs:

  • In-building penetration that covers difficult to reach places like windowless server rooms and basements.
  • Highly reliable service for exchanging time-critical messages.
  • Connectivity to company systems for receiving trouble tickets and automated system alerts wirelessly.

The unique architecture of USA Mobility's ReFLEX network delivers compelling advantages over competing technologies in each of these areas.

USA Mobility can help you build a solution that's geared exactly to the needs and budgets of today's mobile staff. We invite you to learn more about what makes our delivery of wireless communications different from other wireless providers.

.Reliable Performance

The USA Mobility data network is engineered to carry data exclusively. The narrowband PCS network, using the ReFLEX protocol, is optimized for low-bandwidth, highly reliable data transfer. This proven, reliable technology connects easily to most trouble ticket applications and sends automated alerts straight from your business applications. This results in measurably superior performance characteristics and benefits to alternative technologies.

Benefits range from enhanced coverage in different environments to improved efficiency of the handheld devices. These benefits have real meaning on the front line - when connectivity is truly needed - and can be critical to the success of your wireless solution.

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    • Providing assured message delivery so you never miss a message.
  • Always On Usage
    • And always with you - a key component of the dependability of any wireless communication solution.

. The Coverage Advantage

Reliability depends to a great extent on the sheer size of the network coverage. And the USA Mobility network is the largest wireless data network in the U.S.

  • Vast Geographic Coverage
    • Approximately 90% of the US population covered.
  • International Coverage
    • From Canada to Mexico and beyond.
  • "Agile" Network
    • The USA Mobility award-winning account support.
  • Consistent Coverage
    • Across paging and 2way networks.

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