The UniMAX is a tone alert and ring tone amplifier designed to work with most pagers and cellular phones to send out a high volume tone when a page or call has been received.

UniMAX will increase in volume to alert you when you have been paged. Place your pager or cellular phone in the UniMAX unit then set the tone and volume. 

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A high volume audible alert will notify you of an incoming call or page. The alert will increase in volume in 15-second increments for 1 minute to reach maximum volume and continue alerting for the specified length of time or until the reset button is pressed. A red LED light continues to flash until reset, alerting you of a missed page or of an incoming page when the UniMAX is set to mute.


UniMAX is designed to work with most pagers and cell phones. An additional insert allows you to find the proper fit for your device inside the UniMAX unit.   

The UniMAX device is ideal for anyone who needs to ensure they hear a page while at home, away from their pager or in a high noise environment.

The UniMAX device uses AC or battery power, allowing it be used anywhere.

  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Mobile Emergency Units
  • Physician Homes


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