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businessmenDear USA Mobility Customer,

We are happy to announce that USA Mobility has acquired Amcom Software, a leading provider of mission critical communications software. Amcom Software has been in existence for 40-plus years and specializes in solutions for call center automation, emergency management, mobile event notification and smartphone messaging. In fact, you may already use Amcom Software’s products. Adding Amcom Software to our company allows us to meet a need we have heard from many of our customers: the ability to tie critical messaging from a variety of sources to an expanding list of end points. This acquisition makes USA Mobility a stronger company and a more valuable partner with you.


As you know, USA Mobility is the leader in paging which has been the cornerstone of mission critical communications. We will continue to provide affordable, quality paging services in the near and the long-term. While pagers remain a highly reliable, survivable and cost effective means for communications, and organizations like yours utilize paging for mission critical and day-to-day messaging, many organizations also require the ability to message in-house wireless telephony, smartphones, tablets, and more which Amcom Software provides for thousands of companies in healthcare, hospitality, government and the Fortune 1000. This powerful combination creates one company that leads critical communication today and long into the future.

Amcom Software has offices in Minneapolis, MN, New York, NY, Manchester, NH and Jacksonville, FL; as well as London, England and Perth, Australia. Amcom Software employees and operations will remain in their locations, forming a new division of USA Mobility.

We will provide additional information in the near future about Amcom Software solutions and how your organization can benefit from adding them to your existing USA Mobility technology. In the meantime, feel free to ask your USA Mobility representative any questions you may have.

As the market leader in mission critical communications, we are thrilled to offer you a true end-to-end portfolio by coupling paging with software solutions from Amcom Software. Going forward, we will continue to demonstrate as we have in the past that we remain committed to leading the market and ensuring the satisfaction and success of our customers.

If you have any suggestions or issues as our two companies join together, please contact your USA Mobility representative.

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03/03/11 Press Release