Customer Care FAQs – Maintenance Policy

Maintenance Policy

USA Mobility offers a Maintenance Policy to any USA Mobility unit that is owned and maintained by the customer (COAM). COAM maintenance entitles you to a "like" for "like" exchange if the device becomes nonfunctional under normal operating conditions. Maintenance can be purchased for a nominal monthly fee and protects against the malfunction of internal electrical and mechanical functioning of the unit due to normal wear and tear and under typical operating conditions. Under the Maintenance policy a customer is entitled to exchange their unit for the same or like unit.

The following are included under the maintenance plan:

  • Dead: not responding when turned on
  • Falsing (receiving false pages)
  • Intermittence
  • Loose battery connection
  • Weak vibe motor or speaker volume
  • Weak or no light
  • New battery in exchanged pager
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

What is Not Included with Maintenance?

Maintenance does not include replacement or repair for pager loss, theft, destruction or damage caused by abuse, neglect or operation in an adverse environment; e.g., wet, paint, plaster, concrete, extreme heat or cold. The following items are NOT considered normal wear and tear and are NOT included under the maintenance program.

  • Lost or broken battery covers
  • Missing parts
  • Case damage: cracked, dented, melted
  • Case abuse: stickers, permanent-marker, holes, painted or plastered
  • Broken/Cracked/Bent belt clips or holsters
  • Animal teeth marks
  • Excessive battery consumption or short battery life
  • Not decoding/not receiving (typically network related)

Maintenance may be purchased on any COAM at anytime, however, if maintenance is not purchased at the same time as the pager, an Administration Fee will apply.
Any pager that is destroyed, crushed, minced or mashed, water damaged will be considered damaged beyond repair.
The company reserves the right to determine that a repair is outside of normal wear and tear damage as covered by the Maintenance Policy.
Maintenance Pricing is based upon the unit in service.
A maintenance device will generally be exchanged with a "like new" device of like vintage and model based on the availability of the equipment by the company at the time.  Custom case colors may not be available, therefore, black will probably be the replacement color issued most frequently.

Limit of Liability

USA Mobility's Limit of Liability coverage releases customers from their contractual obligation to pay the full replacement cost of rental equipment that is proven to be lost, stolen, or damaged while on the customer's account. The customer is obligated to pay a non-refundable processing fee for each unit.

To qualify for USA Mobility's Limit of Liability, your account must be paid and current.
To obtain information on USA Mobility's Limit of Liability, please contact a Customer Care representative at or by dialing the number on your invoice.