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Wireless Messaging
USA Mobility is the nation's most comprehensive provider of reliable and affordable wireless messaging.
Two-Way Messaging - Send and receive important messages with confidence.
Alphanumeric Messaging - Receive text messages and e-mails with ease.
Numeric Messaging - Proven paging tools that deliver numeric messages for millions of businesses.

Mobile Professional
Choose from our full line of wireless phones, applications and BlackBerry tools and take advantage of USA Mobility's One Source for Wireless Solutions. Get the right products for your business to maximize the productivity of your mobile workforce.
Sprint | T-Mobile

Smartphone/Tablet Messaging - Paging remains a reliable and survivable solution but today some organizations are looking to send messages to Smartphones and Tablets. AMC Select is an affordable solution that lets you keep your USA Mobility pager number and have your messages go to your Smartphone.

Amcom Software
amcomAmcom Software's unified communications technologies include solutions for contact centers, emergency management, mobile event notification, and smartphone/tablet messaging. The company's products are used by leading organizations in healthcare, hospitality, education, business, and government.

Emergency MAss Notification
Notify@Once, a hosted emergency notification solutions offered exclusively by USA Mobility, allows you to send the same message to all your employees at the same time, regardless of which type of device the user carries.

National Accounts - Partner Relationships
USA Mobility's National Accounts Team is a specialized organization made up of tenured Account Representatives and a dedicated account support group. This focused organization has created enduring partnerships with Fortune 1000 and multi-regional corporations that span several years. Meeting the individual needs of large accounts by creating a custom relationship tailored to each account.

Government Accounts
USA Mobility is the leading provider of wireless messaging for local, state and federal government agencies across the country. USA Mobility holds the Nationwide Paging Contract for Advanced Wireless Personal Communications Equipment and Services. Learn more about our Federal & Government Accounts Programs.

Messaging Solutions for Emergency Response Groups
Within an organization, multiple wireless technologies are often deployed to meet the unique needs of different types of mobile workers. For mission-critical responders, reliability is paramount. Learn why USA Mobility’s text messaging products keeps these important workgroups connected.

Paging Reliability
Many mobile workers look to wireless technologies to increase their productivity. For others, mobile access is critical to their mission. For these mobile workers, the superior reliability of USA Mobility’s wireless messaging network gives them the confidence that their messages will get through. Learn more about the differences between paging and other types of wireless networks and why it matters to your organization.

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  • Assured Message Delivery
  • The Coverage Advantage
  • Maximum Availability